Joomla MAMP

SEVEN: Final Step, Making Both Sites Look The Same

The following article was originally published 15 June 2017. Both MAMP and Joomla versions have both advanced since then but the basic fundamentals of using MAMP and Joomla remain the same to this day.



This is Part 7 of Web Development On Your Macintosh Computer Using MAMP and Joomla! CMS

Final Step:

It's time to get the images and CSS files from the live server and copy them to the localmachine. If you are using a custom template then you will need to download some files from its folder. So lets go to the 'templates' folder inside your Joomla! live server site. You'll find that in your 'public_html' folder of your server:

public_html/templates [note - the path may be different for you but essentially you need to navigate to your site root level where your Joomla! folders and files are found]

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Go to your template folder

Inside the template folder you'll see some standard install Joomla! templates like the 'madeyourweb' and 'rhuk_solarflare_ii'. Your custom template folder will also be in there. Open it and copy the following folders and files listed below to the same folder of your local machine site [MAMP/htdocs/templates/your_custom_template_folder].

Folders (entire folder and contents):




Now lets get some of the other files that you need from the main Joomla! install:

Go to the root level of your server and copy the following folder from your live server site to your localmachine site at its root level.



At this point your localmachine site should be looking the same as your server site especially if your server site is fairly new and hasn't had numerous other items installed. If it has, then you will want to either install those same items on your localmachine site or copy them over.