Everyone has an opinion.
Here's mine. What's yours?

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Everyone has an opinion. Here's mine. What's yours?

Coming up in May I will be presenting a session at J and Beyond 2012 (JAB2012). The session will be called "Secrets of Getting an A+ Joomla! Reputation and Attracting A+ Clients".

J and Beyond is an annual International Joomla! Conference now in its third year. This year Joomla! developers and site builders from over 30 countries will gather in Bad Nauheim, Germany, near Frankfurt, right in the heart of Europe.

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MAMP is one of the easiest virtual server applications for developing websites on your local computer. Simply download the application which contains all the resources you need for running your website just as if it was on a web server on the Internet. You do not have to be a technical genius and configure a server environment from scratch on your own. It's all done
for you.

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Toronto Joomla Beginner Training

What would you like to do online?

Blog? Ecommerce? Publish articles? Promote something? Market something? Perhaps you just want a hobby to make a little extra spending cash or maybe even start your own web design business? Where do you start?

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Google Trends

Is the sky falling for Joomla?

In Google Trends - Joomla! vs Wordpress vs Druplal, the line for Joomla! on the trends graph is falling in a very disturbing way. Despite the optimism prior to Joomla! 1.6 which brought much desired improvements like advanced access control list (ACL), Joomla! has not prospered in comparison to Wordpress. A continued fall on the chart may imply that Joomla! could find it's final resting place at the bottom of the three lines. Why is this happening?

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