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Here's mine. What's yours?

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Everyone has an opinion. Here's mine. What's yours?

Extensions are one of the reasons that Joomla! is so popular. They add value and functionality to your website by extending the ability of Joomla! beyond it's core. Extensions are not without risk. Anything that you add to a Joomla! site increases risk. Risk management is highly important for the sites you build. Nothing is worse than a hack or fatal error that brings that beautiful website you worked so hard on to a standstill. Not to mention how everything else now takes a back seat until the emergency caused by these situations are resolved.

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Top 5

One of my favourite movies from 2000 was High Fidelity. In that flick John Cusack laments his “Top 5” breakup songs. So in the spirit of High Fidelity I would like to declare my Top 5 list from the Joomla World Conference 2012 sessions.

I only saw a small number of sessions in person while I was there from the 60 plus sessions of the event. This top 5 list is actually my top 5 right now list until I get all the way through the videos posted from the event. My list is a good one so far. It will take a pretty good session to bump any of these off the list. So here we go…

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I did some really dumb things at the first Joomla! World Conference in San Jose, California. But what’s a big event without memorable stories?

First though, this was an excellent conference attended by an International audience of developers, integrators, and users. The speakers were impressive. I was really excited about going to this conference. Many of the people behind the latest innovations in Joomla! were there in person. I felt like a kid on my way to a candy store with a credit card. This was going to be a great weekend.

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one way

After attending two big Joomla! events this year, J and Beyond in Germany and JoomlaDay Chicago, I discovered significant and conflicting differences between European and American community mindsets. This has gone a long way in helping me understand underlying frustration that exists between the two groups.

I call this the Joomla! cultural divide and it has its roots in the original intent and purpose of the Joomla! project. This has not been clearly understood by many American Joomla!
community stakeholders.

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