Everyone has an opinion.
Here's mine. What's yours?

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Everyone has an opinion. Here's mine. What's yours?

4-steps With all the clutter that is online these days people are hard pressed to keep up with information. If you are going to get and keep any one's attention you need to be straightforward and very clear about what your website is all about. You have only a few seconds to make that first impression. Are you doing it right?

I have been guilty of not keeping my own advice and It's time to change that. I'm going to bare my soul. This blog post could just as well be titled 'How I Got Sick And Tired Of An Under-performing Website And Decided To Do Something About It'.

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Hey Joomla I thought it would be fun to turn a famous Beatles tune into a Joomla! song. Both are superstars and Joomla! deserves an anthem. it has to be something worthy of the magnitude of Joomla!, not simply a one hit wonder.

Although I've banged around on the piano a few times in the past you don't want me singing this. Someone with a lot more musical talent than I have needs to do it. I heard the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, is a great performer and likes the Beatles. If you can't convince him to do it you'll just have to hum it along to yourself. Now go find your copy of 'Hey Jude'. You do remember where you put it don't you?
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Frustration I'm certain that many of you reading this blog entry has at one time or another tried to install a Joomla! extension or component only to find the instructions on how to make it work are confusing. So you do a Google search for the answer to your question only to be further frustrated because no one has a straightforward answer to your problem. The real problem is that the person who created the instructions for the functionality you are trying to use has done a poor job of communicating.

Joomla! is all about communications and sharing information with others. A lot of the appeal for Joomla! is its ease of use. Make it simple to understand how to use your product.
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Do tags make me friendlier

There have been plenty of discussions online regarding Joomla! vs WordPress when it comes to blogging. There are three camps:

  • Joomla! bloggers

  • WordPress bloggers

  • WordPress and Joomla! integration bloggers

Those from each camp vigorously defend their positions. The justification for using one system or the other depends on who needs what from the blogging experience.

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