Joomla! Investment Advice - JandBeyond 2013


JandBeyond 2013

Need a hot Joomla! tip? Make an investment in yourself and go to JandBeyond 2013. One year ago I spoke at JandBeyond in the The Dolce Hotel in Bad Nauheim, Germany and lots of great things came out of it. Now I am on my way to Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, to talk about Joomla! once again.

At JandBeyond all kinds of Joomla! experts share their knowledge, tricks, and experience in a spirit of open source friendlness and fun, and do Joomlers know how to have fun! Last years event was amazing and I wouldn't miss this event.

So here we go again, what shall we talk about this time?


Five Minute Lightening Talk Of Joomla! Truisms

On day 3, the final day of the event at 9:15 am, there will be four - five minute "Lightening Talks". I'll be sharing my "Joomla! Truisms" during one of these talks. What is a Joomla! truism? It's something that I have found to be true about Joomla! that you can bank on. I've picked up things along the way about Joomla!, some I learned from others and some I learned from the school of hard knocks. In this five minute session I'll put these truisms out there for everyone. I wish I knew some of these truisms when I first got started with Joomla. Maybe some of these truisms will save you a world of trouble or simply make your Joomla! adventure more fun.

Here's an example of one of my Joomla! truisms:

Just because you did a backup doesn't mean you
have a backup

Everyone knows you need to backup your website but just because you did a backup doesn't mean you have a backup. Backups are useless unless they are restorable. Even if they were restorable, but they were on the sever that just went down, you still might not have a backup. I'll tell you how to ensure you have a real backup and give you a few more great Joomla! truisms you can take home from this session with you.

The Joomla! Business Dream

"The Joomla! Business Dream" is a regular one hour session on the final day of the event at 12:15 pm. If you dream of having your own Joomla! business one day or just simply want to be in a Joomla! business full time you should attend this session. The things I will share in this session can be applied to any business.

I've seen several very talented people fail in their business dream. Things I call dream robbers are what they fell prey to. The damage that can happen by getting zapped by a dream robber can be long lasting and affect your future. In this session I'll explain what dream robbers are, and how to avoid them. The intent of this session is that you come away pumped and enthused about being successful with your Joomla! business dream.

Will I see you there?

I was talked into going to one of these events the first time by a few good Joomla! friends. I looked at how much it was going to cost me to go. I had to fly across the Atlantic ocean just to get there. But my friends were looking at what it was going to cost me if I didn't go and they were right. It is worth every effort that it takes to be involved in this kind of gathering. You are going to hear and get to meet some of the very best people in Joomla! at JandBeyond.

Did I mention that Joomlers also know how to have a really good time? If you are still undecided about coming to JandBeyond have a little faith and make the investment in yourself. The payoff for you could be huge.