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JoeJoomla on Joolmla Community Magazine This month the Joomla! Community Magazine online has published a feature article by JoeJoomla. You do read the Joomla! Community Magazine don't you? If you haven't heard about it you need to go on over there and see the great articles, tutorials, and all the other fine stuff that the Community Magazine Team works so hard to put together for your benefit. Besides, it's the only way you're going to get to read my "Friendly Advice For Your Joomla Adventure".

The multi talented Dianne Henning works tirelessly behind Lead Editor Paul Orwig to put together one of the nicest, and most informative Joomla! magazines you are ever going to see. It's worth the read. You'll learn all kinds of really useful things about Joomla! in each edition.

The Joomla! Community Magazine is the nicest Joomla! magazine around

Great graphics, professional layout and design, fabulous content - what else could you ask for? It's a showcase of what some of the top talent in Joomla! does. Designed and development by Fotis Evangelou, Chris Marinou, Chiara Aliotta, Ron Severdia, Cristina Solana, Dianne Henning, Babs Gösgens, Hilary Cheyne, Matt Lipscomb, and Paul Orwig. How would you like to have that bunch working for you?

Get yourself published!

Do you have something of value to share with the Joomla! community? Do you want to be read by a large audience? Submit an article to the JCM. It's a great way to get known. If you are looking for an opportunity to get published, what are you waiting for? Here's where you can find out about becoming an author: Author Resources . There's also a link on that page to register as an author.

You don't have to write code to contribute

Having your article published in the Joomla! Community Magazine gives you recognition in the Joomlasphere. It's a great way for people to discover you and your business. It takes a lot of different skills to put a good Joomla! website together. Not just coding so don't feel like you have to be a coder to contribute.

Get notified when each new article appears

You can subscribe by email and have all the latest JCM articles delivered to you. Now that's convenience. Having links to all the articles like a table of contents is very handy. Here's where you subscribe: Subscribe

What are you waiting for?

Have you read my article on the Joomla! Community Magazine yet? What are you waiting for? Let me know your thoughts when you do. Everyone has an opinion, I'd like to hear yours.