JoeJoomla Speaking At JoomlaDay USA 2023

Finally after 2 years of virtual only events due to the covid-19 pandemic, JoomlaDay USA 2023 will be a live event this year in Austin, Texas. Sessions will also be streamed for those that can't attend in person.


JoeJoomla and Karen Dunne of Maven Design Studios Will Be Presenting


There's a fantastic lineup of speakers who will be presenting at this event including JoeJoomla! Joe will have a guest presenter, Karen Dunne of Maven Design Studios, sharing with him. The topic they will be presenting is: IDEAS FOR JOOMLA BUSINESS MAINTENANCE PLANS AND SERVICE OFFERINGS

Joe and Karen's session will be from 1:00pm CDT (18:00 UTC) to 2:00pm CDT (19:00 UTC) on April 22, 2023. Both will be presenting live and in person.


Joe Will Also Be A Guest Of Tim Davis's Session 4 - Joomlers: Balancing Joomla and Real Life


Tim Davis is Mr Cybersalt himself of Cybersalt Consulting Ltd. in Vancouver, Canada. Tim has a popular YouTube channel called Basic Joomla Tutorials. His JoomlaDay USA session runs from 1:00pm CDT (18:00 UTC) to 3:00pm CDT (20:00 UTC) on April 21, 2023. Tim is doing 4 - 30 minute sessions each session will be with a different guest. Joe will be Tim's final guest of the session.


Be Sure To Check Out The Full JoomlaDay USA 2023 Speaker Schedule


The lineup of speakers for JoomlaDay USA 2023 is really impressive. You can check out the lineup for yourself by clicking HERE.