Is Blogging With Joomla! A Good Or Bad Choice?

Blogging with Joomla!

Disqus For the longest time I have resisted blogging in any significant way. The reason for this is because I want to stick with Joomla! and each time I looked for a total Joomla! blogging solution it proved to have some shortcoming, mostly in the way of a decent commenting system. Since I am a Joomla! guy I really don't want to run a different system for it.

Blogging is a really important part of communications, public relations, and marketing. A blog without a comment system is blog flirting. You might as well just call it an article. WordPress is a good straight up blogging system but I didn't want to use it.

I don't dislike WordPress

I set up a WordPress blog for my wife, customized her template, and I look after installing plugins and updating it. I made the decision for her to use WordPress. It does exactly what she wants it to do and it does it well. She doesn't need Joomla!, it's overkill for her. I have to admit I was sorely tempted many times to cave in and go with WordPress. It's got a great commenting system built in. How does the 'JoeJoomla WordPress Blog' sound?

I notice that several top flight Joomla! guys blog using WordPress. That tells you something. There is nothing wrong with that at all mind you. It makes sense to use the best tools for the job. I'm running a Simple Machines Forum bulletin board on this site. There's few open source bulletin boards that are as good as it.

I still couldn't bring myself to use WordPress though

So my blog entries remained comment-less until yesterday. After much stalling I finally committed to Disqus for a Joomla! commenting system. Even some of the WordPress sites I've been reading lately are using Disqus instead of the built in commenting system. The jury is still out on this choice, I'm hoping I made a good one. What do you think? Is blogging with Joomla! a good or bad choice?